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Empowering students with innovative technology, personalized services and a passion for growth - because at Ekon, we believe in reaching new heights every day!

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The Four Elements of Ekon India



Education help us to make positive changes within ourselves, Tomorrow is...

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Knowledge is the fuel that
compels human life,gaining knowledge is...

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One of the initiatives of the Ekon is to create and connect our Patrons to...

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experiential learning


We help organizaions and people realize their true potential to exceed...

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Why Ekon India ?

Our Approach

Our learner-centric, collaborative, and constructive approach helps students achieve more than they thought possible and become active contributors to making the world a better place. Our completely data-driven and research-based perspective provides personalized assistance allow students and professionals to improve in their field and advance in their academic and professional careers.

Complete Assistance

We act as a helping hand for students and professionals alike.We make a personalised plan for each one and keep an eye on their improvements and their achievements. We keep guiding them from time to time so that they don't fall into any confusion.

Plan of Success

Having a plan for success is the first step to getting success. Our plans for success include elements of these existing plans as well as effective tactics. We start from zero with a comprehensive success plan and work on that to walk down the lane of success.

Our Experience

We have been here in this field for the last 10 years and have worked with over 2500 students and clients. At Ekon, we take pride in the knowledge and expertise that we have gained from working with so many students and clients and facing many challenges.


Our Energetic Team Members at Ekon India !

Alankar Bhardwaj CEO and Security Expert

Alankar Bhardwaj

CEO and Security Expert

MR. NALIN KOHLI Chairman Of Araina Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

Mr. Nalin Kohli

Chairman Of Araina Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

SAMEER MATHUR Advisor Strategic Alliances

Sameer Mathur

Advisor, Strategic Alliances

Our Partners

Our Services

Overseas Education Lane

Overseas Education Lane

A venture focused on facilitating the accessibility to overseas education to the students of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities....

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Ekon Academy

Ekon Academy

A placement oriented upskilling institute facilitating training to rural students on par with the quality of education in metros....

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connect for job

Connect for Job

Providing a hassle free and streamlined hiring procedure and connecting them with open job opportunities within their forte....

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Revolutionizing and redefining education by immersing students in experiential learning through innovative technologies....

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